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Volume+ is an application for Android Devices running Gingerbread (2.3) or higher which allows you to boost the maximum volume for Ringtones, Alarms, Message tones, etc. It is essentially a heavily modified DSP Manager which has been completely rewritten from scratch. Because of this it is strongly recommended that you remove one of them to install the other.
It does this by exploiting the EQ settings (AudioEffect.api) included in Gingerbread, and because of this, it may be unstable on some devices.

Please note that this application will not work to its full potential on phones running Stock (unmodified) software. I strongly suggest that if you are going to ‘root’ your phone that you flash CyanogenMod7 or higher and remove the built-in DSP Manager.

I also will not be held responsible for anything that may happen to your device as a result of running this app. Please see my disclaimer for more information.




Phone Speaker / Headset / Bluetooth:
* On/Off toggle
* Volume Boost
* EQ pre-sets
* Bass Enhancer
* Stereo Widener (only for Headset/Bluetooth Headset)
* Virtual Room Effect (VRE – Echo)

* Volume Step Changer (The number of volume steps between 0 and full) ROOT ACCESS REQUIRED


* An Android device running Gingerbread (Android 2.3) or higher
* Custom ROM (Not fully required but is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
* Root Access (Required for In-Call settings, NOT for anything else but is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


All downloads can now be found here. Forum signup is required.



This mini guide will help you to get the most out of Volume+!

If you are running this on a device which has ICS, you may need to enable Volume+ in the “Media Effects” menu. Don’t worry if your device doesn’t have this option, it shouldn’t be necessary.
Once Volume+ has asked you to do this, you should end up at the main menu, which has 4 options:

  • Speaker Settings
  • Headset Settings
  • Bluetooth Settings
  • In-Call Settings

Speaker Settings will allow you to modify the EQ of the external speaker and will allow you to boost the volume considerably. To do this, get some music playing in the background and open the Speaker Settings menu. Enable the “Audio Modifications” check box and then set the “Volume Level” to about +10. You should notice a boost in volume. You can then start raising the Volume Level until you notice either the volume getting quieter or the volume doesn’t change. You’ve now found your current device’s volume limit (this limit is not device dependant and instead depends on your current firmware. Flashing a CyanogenMod ROM will allow you to push the volume much higher.
Once you have found your device’s limit, you can start changing the other values (such as EQ preset and Bass Boost) until you find a combination that works for you!
Headset and Bluetooth settings are identical to the speaker settings but apply to the wired headset and Bluetooth headset respectively.

The In-Call settings are different; they don’t allow you to boost the In-Call volume but instead give you much more control over the volume. You WILL need Root Access to alter these settings as they modify your phone’s build.prop (system/build.prop). With this tool, you can increase the number of volume steps (how many times you have to press volume up/down to get from one end of the scale to the other) to whatever value you want between 6 and 100. Whilst the value is completely down to personal preference, setting it to 100 is certainly not recommended.


For frequently asked questions and the support system please click here.