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Volume Hacks and the Samsung Galaxy S III [Root and non-root]

Hey everyone.

I’ve recently published instructions on how to hack your Samsung Galaxy S III’s audio to increase the volume of both the main loudspeaker and the incall volume (earpiece and speakerphone).
Unfortunately, this is only for users who have rooted their device but don’t worry, there’s an equally good option for those of you who haven’t…

So, how does this hack work? Well, there is a file under ‘system/etc’ called ‘default_gain.conf’. It’s simply a matter of editing the volume parameters in there. Fortunately for the lazy ones among you I’ve increased the volume as much as the phone will allow for you with handy pre-made files!! (see link below).
There’s also another mod you can do in that thread; It allows you to disable the Boot Sound, all 3 Camera Shutter Sounds (God knows why there’s 3), the AutoFocus Sound and the Video Record sound without hacking the camera.

Now for those of you who aren’t rooted, here’s some good news: Volume+ works just fine on the Galaxy S III!! You can push the volume just as high via Volume+ so if you’re not rooted, don’t worry about it, you can still have a louder phone (doesn’t apply to in-call volume modifications).


Samsung Galaxy S III – Volume Hacks


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