Happy New Year!

Since Meltus posted the Merry Christmas post, I thought I’d sneak in early and get the Happy New Year post done! ūüėõ

So, from both of us:


Both me and Meltus (well, I bloody hope so) hope you have an awesome 2013.


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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just a quick message wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

From everyone (all 2 of us!) here at AndroidAudioHacks.com; Have fun and stay safe.


Much love


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Volume+ 2 ALPHA Released!!

Please Read

I know it’s been a long time coming and I can only apologise for the stupidly long delay but I finally feel like it can be released, if only as an alpha build.

As an Alpha build, bugs and errors are expected. If you happen to find any bugs please post them on our BRAND NEW Bug Tracker and I’ll fix then as soon as I can!

Things to bare in mind

VolumePlus v2.0 is a complete rebuild. What that means is I started again from scratch, removing the old menu-based layout and replacing it with something that should hopefully look and function a little better!

Things not included
There are a few things left out of the Alpha (which should hopefully be included in the Beta) such as:

  • the Custom Animations
  • Custom Font
  • Tutorial

but they’ve only not been included due to stability issues on some devices. I should have them fully working soon.

Things yet to be done

  • The graphics should be considered unfinished. There are many things I want to tweak and the Spinners (drop down menus) and some checkboxes have yet to be themed at all.
  • Settings. There will be certain settings included such as; Low Graphics Mode, Debug Mode (removes multipliers and uses the raw values instead), Show Tutorial and others.

Coming soon

Thanks and enjoy!

Download –¬†http://androidaudiohacks.com/forum/threads/290-VolumePlus-v2-0-ALPHA

(Download link moved to forum thread Рyou have to sign up Рbecause people are asking far too many questions that are answered in that thread)

Volume+ 2 ALPHA Released!! Dec08


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Forums are finally done!

My apologies for the rather long wait in the forums being completed, real life problems hit me one after the other and things became very difficult for a good month or so.

Anyway, the forums are ready! They are open! Go go go!

Also, there’s a new link to get to the forums: http://forum.androidaudiohacks.com

So what are you waiting for?! Get on the Forums and get posting! ūüėõ Click “Forum” at the top of this page, or if you’re totally lazy, click here.

Please note that the phpBB3 forums have now been removed and are therefore no longer available.

So, you ask, what changes have been implemented in the new Forums? Well, I’m glad you asked:

  • Running the latest stable (4.2.0 Patch 3) version of vBulletin, replacing phpBB3.
  • A much better and easier spam removal & user banning system.
  • A Thanks mod so you can thank a poster without having to make an un-needed post.
  • A donate mod for those lovely people who want to donate towards the hosting and Meltus’ pub nights.
  • You can access the forums on your (Smart)phone!
  • A spam blocking mod on registration, that checks IPs, usernames, e-mail addresses and more. If any of those match, the user is banned and the registration is cancelled.
  • KeyCAPTCHA, another way to try to get around those pesky bots. This makes you complete a picture to prove you’re human.
  • And more spam protection mods. I really have tried to find as many as I can (that wouldn’t fight with themselves) to rid the spam problem we had on the phpBB forums.
  • An awards system! At the moment we only have one for if you donate to us, but in the future they’ll be more for stuff like the highest post count (excluding staff), the most helpful user, the craziest user, the weirdest user, and so on.
  • And so much more! Don’t believe me? Well what are you waiting for, go on the forum and have a look! And post something!

Any problems signing in, registering or with anything else regarding the Forum, please leave a comment here or post on our Support Ticket System.

Cheers muchly,


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New Forums coming soon!

Hi guys, it’s ssmmdd, Meltus’ Web guy.

As you may have noticed, the current Forum Board software we use, phpBB, isn’t perfect. I myself have broken it in the past and its spam blocking systems are … well, crap. No offence to phpBB here, there’s not many people out there who can offer stuff for free and keep going this long, even during the financial problems the world is currently facing.

However, I am pleased and happy to announce that Meltus has recently purchased a lovely little Licence for vB (vbulletin) Forum Suite. The payment takes a few days to process & verify (I assume to weed out fake payments) but once done, I will get onto installing it and replacing our current install of phpBB with it.

This does mean that the current phpBB Forum, at some point not far off in the future (read: hopefully in less than a week) will become inaccessible while I remove it and replace it with vB.

There is one thing I’m not sure of, so I thought I’d ask you guys for your input:

Do I use vB’s transfer program to migrate all of phpBB’s user accounts, posts, threads, etc to vB (including all spam bots & spam posts)


Should we start fresh, so you’d have to re-register, but at least it would be clean of all of the garbage that’s currently cluttering phpBB up?

Please let me know in the Comments section!

Many thanks,


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Volume+ v2.0 – The early stages.

As the title suggests, Volume+ v2.0 has received a complete re-design and re-coding (which was a horrendously long-winded nightmare) and… wait for it… partial Jelly Bean support!! I say “partial” because, so far, compatibility has been established on the Nexus 7 Tablet and the Samsung Galaxy S III(International and T-Mobile versions). No word as of yet about the compatibility situation of the Galaxy Nexus, which I’m sure the majority of you are interested in, but it will be worked on when I’ve¬†acquired¬†a test device. There is currently no ETA for when this will be released but please follow the new Volume+ Twitter page for updates, screenshots and, of course, the beta download link when it’s complete!

Volume+ Twitter Account!  (link fixed)


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 1: Partially themed Speaker Settings screen.

So, what’s new?

Confirmed Additions – These WILL be included
The Simple Volume Slider (and indeed all sliders) now send updates instantly, meaning you can alter the volume and EQ on-the-fly by sliding left to right without lifting your finger. It makes for a much more pleasant experience!
A complete graphical overhaul will be completed. The designs currently in use are by no means final and are subject to change if I see fit.
The app now detects the maximum volume boost your device can¬†achieve… and then boosts it higher! Figured out how to do this completely by accident (probably not supposed to be able to) but it seems to work fine! By “work fine” I obviously mean “distort horribly”.

Planned Additions – Features I will aim to complete but are by no means definite
Widgets. Yes, I know, I promised these a long time ago but I always had more important things to focus on. I will aim to at least have an On/Off toggle widget available upon release.
Better documentation. All the guides and help pages were both a little vague and not contained within the application itself. This will hopefully be changed so help and info is a little easier to access.
Translations! One of the most requested features I’ve had recently is to add some language translations which I will aim to do. I currently have someone willing to translate the app into Spanish so if you are fluent in both English and another¬†language please get in contact with me over my personal Twitter Account¬†or the Voume+ Account. I will be needing proof readers too so please still let me know even if I have someone translating to your language already! More info coming soon! ¬† Many thanks for all your patience and support in recent months, it’s all been very much appreciated!

Much love

Volume+ v2.0 – The early stages. Oct11


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Volume+ v1.9.0.5 released on the Play Store

I’ll be on holiday from today (the 28th) until the 4th of August so If I haven’t replied to your e-mails I will try and get round to them when I get back.¬†I will also upload the free version on the forums when I get back as I do not have the time to do it now.

Before I get about a million comments along the lines of Does this work on JB yet?!?, let me just say that no, It does not. Despite the fact I’ve stated it a million times before, I will repeat it:¬†you will know about it when (or more importantly, if) I can get it working on Jelly Bean. I will make sure everyone knows it is compatible. Until then, please try and be more patient.
This update doesn’t include anything new but does include a few little bug fixes.

Bass Boost now works better. For some reason it seems to only effect very specific frequencies (so it will work for some songs and not for others) and even then the effect can be very slight on some devices.
The ‘Bass Boost blocking the Volume controls’ bug has now been fixed.
The volume slider for the Custom EQ has been fixed.
A few graphical bugs have been fixed.


Much love


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